This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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The red door and Schrödinger’s cat

reddoorAnd there it was, the red door, with the heart-shaped keyhole and a little chain knocker. It looked inviting – but how would I know whether behind it awaits opportunity – or challenge?

Nothing in life is ever one single thing or perspective. Just like Schrödinger’s famous cat: placed in a sealed box along with a toxin that can at any random time kill the cat, the cat is equally dead and alive at the same time. Until we dare to open the box to look. Schrödinger’s thought experiment is also called the “observer’s paradox”: we cannot know the outcome unless we dare to look. And by looking we influence the outcome. 

There is no security on this Earth. Only challenge. Or opportunity. The choice is yours.

(Helsinki, Finland; June 2015)

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Waving, not yet drowning; part II

travelbooksThousands of airmiles, hundreds of hours on teleconference, as many hours sitting on my behind in a chair, a handful of airport lounges, and a nonstop game of chess which is how it feels to launch a new cancer medicine in 5 Nordic countries almost at the same time. Replay of last fall’s craziness times ten. And then last Thursday night, just before my last official day in this job, a little black swan swam in, said hello with a wink, and turned everything upside down – in a good way. I am now convinced that not all black swans are bad. Some come with white wings.

How downcast and yet liberating it will be to wrap up and move on towards a completely new kind of challenge. And to be able to finally have the time to step out and feel the summer on my skin. And to open the two travel guides that have been patiently waiting for their turn. Somehow the tulips managed to bloom and wither and the birch leaves break out and the swallows arrive without me noticing at all.

Time to take a mindful moment to recall what mindfulness was all about, and to carefully observe the wonderful appearance and scent of a patch of flowering lily-of-the-valley.

(All over the place; May 2015)