This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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Up in the air

propellerYou may have become fed up with photos from the air, one after the other. It seems as if the moments in the air are the only moments I have for myself this fall. 

A lady asked for a minute of my time at the gate, waiting to return home after another of my weekly 2-day commutes to Stockholm. She was researching and asked how often I come to Bromma airport. Every week, I replied. “Really? Are you a politician?” she asked. Goodness, no, but I work for a multinational company. By now my carbon footprint is so large I weep for it and the generations required to pay our poor planet back.

(Above the Baltic Sea; October 2015)

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Back to reality

malmoBoom, back to reality. Alarm clock set for 4.30 am and a commute to Copenhagen. From there we took the train over to Sweden and Malmö, and locked ourselves up in the hotel for the next 4 days.

I escaped twice: once to a meeting in the modern docklands, and once to a dinner with a friend where we spoke more of sailing and yoga than of science and work.

They say Malmö is troubled with cultural issues, violence, and unemployment. I say Malmö has its beautiful moments – and quite a few of them. You just need to find time for them. Just like a walk in the docklands during a 4-day-after summer-kick-off stunt in a hotel.malmo-2 (Malmö, Sweden; August 2015)