This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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Modern amulets

travelessentials-1Amulet (ˈamjʊlɪt): an object worn to protect from disease, bad luck, and things evil.

We all have a few things that keep us safe and sane on our travels. For some of us, modern amulets are larger and more practical, such as my Rimowa. The beginning and the end of each business trip. Approved cabin baggage size – yet fits enough for a 3-night stay. Easily identified among the growing crowd of Rimowas on business commuter flights by a well-worn sticker once applied at Kathmandu airport. Bruised, battered, and unyielding after 200+ trips.

travelessentials-2The Beats and the iPod: for when babies scream, seat neighbors consume too much alcohol, or when I need to lose myself in thoughts for a while. And last but not least, the Nepalese silk and yak wool shawl – for winter dinners, airconditioned conference rooms, and those frigid mornings in the Finnair Embraer 190.

What keeps you safe and sane during your travels?