This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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Fresh start

Lovely ones, here I am again. Spring sunshine and a Saturday morning to myself are the best remedy for clearing up any cobwebs in my little head. And boy have there been cobwebs, especially the last month of 2020 and the first month of 2021. Not because nothing moved inside, but because so much was going on that I had no time to tidy up. And so, this last weekend of February, I am finally sweeping up those cobwebs, organizing my thoughts and feelings as much as I am able, and opening the windows to let the sunlight in.

Just before christmas holidays, Denmark went into another lockdown – and I went to Finland for a month. Even with the still life and the darkness, I discovered so much. There will be a backlog of winter photos while I post all the things I wanted to share with you, without the headspace to do so until now. And we may well be half-way through spring before my ramblings here have caught up with the weather outside.

2021 may seem like a sluggish continuation of an unexpected 2020. Or it may seem like a fresh start into a post-pandemic time bursting with opportunities in a world that looks the same but will never be the same again. 2020 gave me the opportunity to rewrite my life plan more than once (Yes, literally. I have a life plan and it takes up 4 pages in my notebook). And I can’t wait to begin to live it, step by step. What about you?

(Copenhagen, Denmark; February 2021)