This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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abovespain-3When I think of Spain I never think of mountains. But they are right there, if I would wander deep enough inland. abovespain-2When the rest of the world thinks of beaches and sangria and sun-kissed villages, there is surprisingly much snow up North. Now I understand why the Great Pyrenees dog breed is so white and fluffy. abovespain-1(Above the Pyrenees, Spain; March 2017)

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Snowy Polish patchwork blanket

snowyfieldsLast night I came home from Zurich. This morning I am going back down again, to Vienna. One could ask why I did not just stay in Zurich and fly directly to Vienna. Because: 1) I would not have been able to accompany my mother (in business class). And 2) I would not have been able to see this artsy snowy patchwork blanket that is Poland on a February morning.

(Yes, still posting with a terrible backlog. But keep reading, you will see wonderful photos of the most girly pretty city in Europe).

(Above Poland; February 2017)

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38,000 feet above the desert

dohaThis is how humans take over the planet, and mold it to their liking. Qatar is a strange place from above. desertfromtheairThis is the land where it never rains. Possibly Southern Iran or Pakistan. The last resort for humans to mold, when everything else is utilized.

kathmanduvalleyThis is how we build vertically when we have no horizontal space. We cram hills and mountains with rice paddies and grazing areas for goats.
(Landing on Kathmandu airport is an art in itself, with or without rice paddies and goats)

(Above South Asia; November 2016) 

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Freezing night in Stockholm

Processed with Snapseed.I am quite certain this 400 year-old gasthaus was alive last night. Either that, or the cold made the house shrink very loudly. Perhaps it moved a little, too… crept closer to the waterfront, if only anybody bothered to find out.

Fall has come to Stockholm. The tired sun barely throws its blanket off to say good morning as we land. Soon it will not even have the energy to get out of bed until way past 9 am.Processed with Snapseed.(Stockholm, Sweden; September 2016)