This blue marble

– and yet it spins

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Just a little light

bllThe only light of day here in Denmark may not be longer than five minutes. The sun only shows itself provided that the ever-ruling clouds give way. Sometimes weeks pass without direct sunlight. And I am struggling to remember that the sun has never left us. It is shining just as brightly, if only we fly a few kilometers upward in search of it.

(Billund airport, Denmark; December 2018)

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bll-1“Apologies for the sudden lift.”¬†The captain’s voice shot down through the intercom of the cabin. “We had to go around as there was another plane on the runway.”

My new home airport has only one runway. It is a major airport, but a major provincial airport. You can see this also from the rows and rows of cars and rental cars in the park: here one does not get far by public transport or taxi.

Staying in Denmark will also mean hello SAS Gold and then Diamond status, and good-bye Finnair Platinum. While I consider this a downgrade, I look forward to significant upgrades in my work-life balance. Traveling 1-3 days a week means the remaining work days I can roll out of bed and sit down by the laptop half an hour later, with ample time for a relaxed morning. No need to pick out business wear or lipstick or do my hair, unless I have a video conference. No need to commute in the morning rush hour, or to rush home via a stock-full grocery store (because we aim to shop weekly).

Working from home means 2 precious hours more time for myself, every day. I am beginning to like the concept of living nearby a provincial airport.bll-2(Billund, Danmark; August 2018)

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Bird’s eye view

clouds-1Above the clouds, 33,000 ft up, it is easier to obtain a new perspective of things. Not because it is easier to look down on the Earth, but because I am stuck in an airplane seat for nearly 12 hours straight, en route from Singapore to Helsinki.

When I first visited Bali in 2015, I reflected on pain and how people could ever just move on. In 2016 the reflections were on the process and how many miles were still ahead before I would pull through to the other side of a disruption in my life that began as far back as 2011.

For me, travels are not only luxury me-time, but times of significant personal growth and reflection. On 2014 on Crete I stopped and stood still for the first time in 3 years. I slept more than I had in 3 years, too. So much I believed I was in severe ill-health. I was simply tired after years of pain and running.

Working with the inside and slowly turning attention outward took the best of 6 years. And this year I received a proper kick in the behind by the Universe. A year earlier I had decided that I would stay abroad during the time the apartment in Helsinki was undergoing replumbing works, along with the entire co-op building. Bathrooms torn out and apartments out of use for months.

Be careful for what you ask for, as the Universe may give it to you but not always exactly the way you imagined it. And so I return back home just to do my travel laundry, stash summer clothes away in a box, pack a suitcase with fall clothes and business wear, and head out through the door to another part of the world, to another adventure.batukaru-2(Bali, Indonesia; August 2018)

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So long, Europe

businessclassToday (yesterday, technically), after two days of intense packing and wrapping and preparing, I closed the door to the apartment for a long while. So long, Lauttasaari island. You have been wonderful to me. On Monday they will begin to tear out the bathroom and the pipes in the entire co-op building.

It is now 2.30 am, I have dug out my blue elephant harem pants, and am about to take off to Singapore after a 3-hour delay. Vacation, thank goodness. And new adventures after that – somewhere else than Finland.cloudsky(Helsinki, Finland; July 2018)