This blue marble

– and yet it spins


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bll-1“Apologies for the sudden lift.” The captain’s voice shot down through the intercom of the cabin. “We had to go around as there was another plane on the runway.”

My new home airport has only one runway. It is a major airport, but a major provincial airport. You can see this also from the rows and rows of cars and rental cars in the park: here one does not get far by public transport or taxi.

Staying in Denmark will also mean hello SAS Gold and then Diamond status, and good-bye Finnair Platinum. While I consider this a downgrade, I look forward to significant upgrades in my work-life balance. Traveling 1-3 days a week means the remaining work days I can roll out of bed and sit down by the laptop half an hour later, with ample time for a relaxed morning. No need to pick out business wear or lipstick or do my hair, unless I have a video conference. No need to commute in the morning rush hour, or to rush home via a stock-full grocery store (because we aim to shop weekly).

Working from home means 2 precious hours more time for myself, every day. I am beginning to like the concept of living nearby a provincial airport.bll-2(Billund, Danmark; August 2018)

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