This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Best books

I read dozens of books every year, and since I was 17 years old I write all titles down in a notebook. That’s a lot of books. And so I began to keep a list of books that left an imprint. Some rocked it, some touched it lightly but with a lingering feeling. Not all are books of wisdom and some are simple consumables, charming bestsellers. Maybe some of them will shift your being, too, if ever so lightly.


  • Ryan Holiday: The obstacle is the way
  • Olga Tokarczuk: Flights
  • Tove Jansson: Traveling light (Resa med lätt bagage)
  • André Aciman: Find me
  • David Sinclair: Lifespan
  • Jack Kornfield: A path with heart


  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Fooled by randomness
  • Lucinda Riley: The seven sisters series
  • Jordan B. Peterson: 12 rules fo rlife
  • Ray Dalio: Principles
  • Mia Kankimäki: Women I think about at night (Naiset joita ajattelen öisin)