This blue marble

– and yet it spins


In Greece for a night

gronalundIt could have been a Greek island. It certainly felt like it, and even the olives and the tzatziki had a tinge of sunlight in their flavors. I tried to forget it was Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. Because there was a Mamma Mia -inspired dinner show, followed by an ABBA-inspired disco, and so many happy people in summer dresses and light linen suits.gronalund-2Indeed, it was Greece all the way until the wee hours of dawn, when we stepped out of the wonderland into a freezing cold, snowy January night.

(Stockholm, Sweden; January 2018)


A room of one’s own

loviisa-1In this charming, century-old country house there is not a room of one’s own for one person, but for three. The house belonged to my paternal grandfather, who might smile knowing that it now contains the desk and chair of my maternal grandfather. loviisa-2Three rooms, three colors, one wallpaper pattern. In the cold winter light the ambiance in each is different. Which one is your favorite?loviisa-3(Loviisa, Finland; January 2018)

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Another christmas market in Brussels

brusselsdec-2Reflecting a few months backward, to last December: another year, another Christmas market in Brussels. And another ride in the ferris wheel. This time there were slightly less armed military police guards around the place. The area was again hedged by concrete blocks, in case anybody would feel like like driving a truck into the crowds. Indeed. This is Europe these days. Even with Christmas spirit in the air.brusselsdec-1(Brussels, Belgium; December 2017)