This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Dinner like a warm bath

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One snowy January night we found ourselves at the doorstep of Trugstad gård. A little blackboard with a swirly heart wished us welcome, as we escaped the cold indoors – and right into a warm bath of candlelight and care. There were flowers, creaky floors, and couches to sink into. There were paintings, pillows, and a fireplace. And there was the most delicious, locally produced dinner and the warmest care, just like at a dear friend’s home.

I took a sip of the lovely Norwegian apple ice wine, looked at my high-spirited colleagues through the candle lights, and marveled what a good restaurant and human warmth can do for team-building.

(Trugstad gård, Gardermoen, Norway; January 2014 – photo from August 2013)

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