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Chasing the edge of the night

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wings-3White puffy clouds sailed past in the brightness outside. The heavy week weighed on my eyelids and I close them for a moment. When I opened them the world had gone a deep shade of purple.

Suddenly there it was, the edge of the night. Literally. A dusk bending over the horizon, slowly unfurling a layer of dark from the East. And we flew right into it. As darkness enveloped our little aircraft I thought of the short film “Boat” by David Lynch.

“It was so bright. I couldn’t sleep. I thought, Nature contains many mysteries. There was a boat. And the man said, ‘we’re going to try to go fast enough to go into the night.'”

Our little plane did go fast enough, and the night came racing towards us, swallowing us whole.

(Boat by David Lynch: Photo over Sweden; October 2014)

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