This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Our lives inside soap bubbles

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Battersea-1Sometimes it is wonderful to adhere to the cliché and take a walk in the park. On this particular day we took a walk in the Battersea park. Passing Sunday strollers and joggers and a flock of hungry swans, we also touched the lives of these beings, if only gently and for a fraction of a second. Turning my head to watch an elderly couple walk by donned in matching scarves, their existence made a solid connection with me for a moment. I watched them live their lives for two seconds and caught a glimpse of two parallel universes touching mine, with unfathomable depth and complexity.

While we are all made out of the same matter and energy, we also seem like individuals floating by each other caught in transparent soap bubbles. Sometimes we gaze into each others’ bubble for a millisecond, sometimes for decades, but we only truly know the contents of, and outlook from, our own bubble.

And I was left wondering what the content and outlook of a swan’s soap bubble would be like.

Battersea-4 (Battersea Park, London, UK; October 2014)

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