This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Mon Dieu, Montreux

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Montreux-2How lovely it was to stroll on a miles long lakeside boulevard in Montreux. Violets, asters, and even passion flowers did not give a flying fruit about the fact that it was mid-November. The palm trees proudly disregarded the snowy peaks across the lake. Seagulls feigned total ignorance over the fate of the scaffolded, moored boat they had chosen to favor this winter. And I feigned total ignorance of the fact that I was expected in the office back home the next day.

If flowers can face each day as a chance to bloom a little longer, so can we all. If palm trees are able to focus on the sunlight on this side of the lake and forget about the snow in sight, so can we. And if we can hold on for four more weeks we will have passed the darkest it ever will get on this Earth. So live today. Soon we will swing into the light.

Montreux-1(Montreux, Switzerland; November 2014)

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