This blue marble

– and yet it spins

The sisters who went for a walk and ended up on a mountaintop


Sarniaskala-1“Instead of a proper hike, would you please just recommend a nice, leisurely walk?” we asked the tourist guide in Zakopane. “Sure” he said, “this one is nice, flat terrain. Takes you straight along the stream in the Dolina Bialego valley”.”Sonds wonderful and easy”, we said.

How wrong we were. The terrain was not flat: it was all uphill. It was not easy: often it was climbing a dirt wall, or loose stones. And yes it was straight: up the mountain. In 34 degrees Centigrade and scorching sun the leafy stream valley brought little refreshment. At each crossing we conferred: “turn around?” “Nah, let’s go a little further, it is pretty here, and we have as much water as we need.”

Instead of that nice, leisurely walk we ended up climbing the Sarnia Skala peak and the rocky outcrop you see on the top photo. That photo was already from halfway up.

They say the process is more important than the outcome, but reaching the goal is a sweet moment – especially if the goal is a surprise.

Sarniaskala-3(Tatra Mountains National Park, Poland; July 2015)

3 thoughts on “The sisters who went for a walk and ended up on a mountaintop

  1. Love the post… Great story a wandering memory

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