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A shy sunrise on a stormy morning


sunrise-1It was a dark and stormy morning, one of quite a few the past weeks. In this post-apocalyptic weather where the planet seems to be forever covered by brooding black swirling clouds, one forgets that the sun exists. It is difficult to envision that the sun shines 12 hours a day, even above the clouds of Gotham City. Lack of sunlight is simply a matter of obscured circumstances, not a fact of any kind.

And so, as we rose above the clouds this stormy morning, we saw the most singular sunrise. Light battling the clouds. When it could not shine through, it shone underneath, covering the lower layers of cloud in red velvety light. And finally the clouds had to give in, and we saw a shy little lemon yellow December sunrise. sunrise-2(Somewhere above the Baltic Sea; December 2015)

3 thoughts on “A shy sunrise on a stormy morning

  1. Beautiful descriptions and beautiful photos!

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