This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Through the flurry of snow

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airportwinter-1It was a cold, dreadful morning. A blizzard morning. No heating in the plane until the engines were on. And no engines on until we had a slot for takeoff. And no slot for takeoff until the most of the morning rush was over. airportwinter-3Finally the air traffic control had mercy on us. The captain was allowed to start the engines. The wings were de-iced at the gate. airportwinter-2There was snow everywhere, and a flurry behind the tail of each departing airplane. We rushed off, and were airborne. And suddenly there was the most marvelous golden sunrise, like an old oil painting on canvas.

Sometimes all you need to do to see beauty is to raise your eyes above the flurry right ahead of you. And if you still cannot see it, try a bird’s eye view.

airportwinter-4(Helsinki, Finland; February 2016)

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