This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Stillness, ilam tea, and tales of Patagonia

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180southPerhaps once in our lives (or twice, if we are lucky), a simple idea becomes a quest. Not because the idea is somehow once-in-a-lifetime, but because we let it carry us to unknown territory. We listen to it. We jump aboard. And if we use our intuition as much as our brain, we might end up with an impact greater than we imagined. For example, for Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, deciding to lay a new climbing route in Patagonia in the 60s turned out to become a lifelong mission to protect precious dwindling wilderness. Between the climbing and the planet-saving, there was a climbing gear company renamed Patagonia, another two garment and outdoor companies founded and sold (North Face and Esprit), and suddenly enough capital to buy land, piece by piece, in Southern Chile and Argentina.

I have mentioned the story before. This time I followed 180 degrees down South with a professional surfer who decided to repeat the trip from the 60s, to find his own mission, and to uncover the roots of the story of the two friends who ended up becoming my inspiration for responsible business and protecting the planet.

(Helsinki, Finland; April 2016)

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