This blue marble

– and yet it spins

In Phakding

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Phakding-2Phakding. Yes. Sounds like something with an F and a U and a CK. Elevation just over 2,600 m (Kathmandu is at 1,400 m). We had a sizzling lunch and some Sherpa beer. Even me, the classical beer-dissing wine lover. It is strange indeed: what typically keeps me going on a hot trek day is the thought of beer at the end. It is another dimension. And I will not divulge into the beer craze that happened in the Polish Tatra mountains some years back. It is too embarrassing.

So, Phakding. Not a place to which you say phak dat, especially since the view across the river gorge behind the village is absolutely gorgeous. It did not even freeze over in our room at night, and I would estimate a pleasant +10 degrees that only required a down vest for the trip to the en-suite bathroom. Some people call this home. I call it an adventure. How very adaptable we humans are.Phakding-1(Phakding, Nepal; November 2016)

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