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Zurich, one restaurant at a time


zurich“You have such a fabulous job!” “You get to see the most cool innovations, and so many places!” “Sounds like so much fun!”

These are common comments when people hear what I do. Yes, it’s fun. But it is also very many f**k-o’-clock early mornings on the airport, many hotels that all feel the same, and many taxis. Sometimes I snap to consciousness in a taxi, unsure of what language I should use. Often I remember the previous hotel room number and try to break in to the wrong room.

I try my best to see the new cities I visit, but sometimes it is just not possible. As an example let’s take Zurich. I have visited the geographical location about 4-5 times. 2-3 times due to a layover at the airport, with no time to go see town. 2 times I got to go to town, where I saw the city center pass by the taxi window on the way to the hotel and the Six Swiss Exchange. I saw a river. Twice. Yay. I had some Tannenkäse. Absolutely amazing. But the most I have seen of Zurich is 2 local restaurants, one for each visit.

That’s it. Can I say I have been to Zurich? Probably not really. Perhaps next year I should try to squeeze in a weekend stay-over. And lots more Tannenkäse.

I posted a photo above. I suppose I should tell you which restaurant I went to this time. I forget. My apologies. Maybe next time.

(Zurich, Switzerland; February 2017)

4 thoughts on “Zurich, one restaurant at a time

  1. Zurich is such a pretty city too, I hope you get a chance to see it properly some day. xox.

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