This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Moon landscapes

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moonlandscape-2There is an area in the Namib the locals call the Moon Landscape. It really does look like a moon landscape with soft craters and hills made of sand and soft-polished rock. If you scream here, it is highly likely that not a single living thing with ears will hear you.

The Namib desert is not a friendly place. But with a trustworthy car underneath it is an incredible place. Fine yellow sand everywhere. If not dunes then barely a single rock or brush per a hundred square meters. It is unfathomable that people lived here before proper 20th century living with water and power brought in.
hauntedhouse-1Most of Namibia is traditionally uninhabitable, and people have always flocked to the rivers and oases. Because the other choice is a desert with no water bordering on an ocean with too much water, and none of it potable.
hauntedhouse-2On our day drive we passed three jeeps in a junction in the middle of the wide-open desert. There were three families out on a Saturday drive, drinking beer and driving around the desert. This, and tailgate picnics, seems to be the best Saturday pastime for locals. It is as if the locals do not get enough of the hostile empty hot nothingness but actually embrace it. The human species truly is adaptable.moonlandscape-1(Namib desert, Namibia; July 2017)

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