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How to barbecue fresh mussels

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pelicanpoint-6How to have fresh mussels on the beach:

  • Get into a wetsuit and goggles, brave the cold water, and spend a considerable amount of time hacking off mussels in the swell bashing you against rocks and the pier. Or, preferably, get somebody else to do that for you.
  • Scrape the mussels clean from seaweed, barnacles, and tiny baby mussels. Cut  your fingers at least twice.pelicanpoint-8
  • Place each individual mussel flat on the barbecue, burning your fingers in the run.
  • Cook the mussels in their own brine.
  • Throw the cooked mussels into the potjie they were originally supposed to be cooked in.
  • Enjoy the obviously sub-optimal energy acquisition vs. expenditure in preparing the dish – and the delicious flavor of the ocean.

pelicanpoint-7(Pelican Point, Walvis Bay, Namibia; July 2017)

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  1. I love this

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