This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Hey Alassio!

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alassio-1Hey Alassio! We read about you, perceiving you to be a quiet beach resort of times gone by, the “forgotten Riviera”. Well, you surprised us. Thank you for allowing this one rare shot with only two people in it – because the rest of the week you crowded us with Italian tourists. And especially at night, while walking on the promenade, you made us feel like we, as the only non-Italian tourists, stumbled upon an Italian holiday secret.

And what a secret. We quickly learned we had to book our beach chairs in advance, as there is such a thing as an entirely full beach. We also quickly learned that any beach shack serves the most excellent lunch (and any dish containing pulpo, or octopus, is not to be missed).

We also learned that it is not correct to stop in front of a pedestrian crossing, if a car is parked or stopped in front of it. The way to do it here is to simply drive and hope nobody gets crushed. Otherwise our little Cinquecento will get crushed by the road rage-y driver behind us. But when we do see pedestrians crossing, we must stop, unless we desire having the hood of our car beaten by a raging pedestrian family father. We know this for a fact.alassio-8(Alassio, Italy; July 2018)

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