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Beach club day

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canggubeachclub-2I stumbled into a beach club this morning and bought access for a day. The staff must have felt they had to emphasize on me how exclusive my experience would be. Everyone is very nice and yet, as a walk-in, I feel like a hobo. Two guards patrolled the beach front and when I asked for a day pass both the hostess as well as the beach boy asked if I was aware of that the minimum spend was 500,000 IDR (in addition to the sign stating the same, at entry where i stood).

This hobo clearly did not look like she had credit. In addition to pointing out cost they also asked for my card before I had ordered a thing. It was confiscated and the staff intended to keep it for the entire day, handing me a slip with the number 19. I asked if I could just get the card back and pay whenever they wished me to, but this was not a preference. I negotiated if they could charge the minimum spend of 500,000 IDR to my card and I’d order something later, on that credit. This was also not possible. Finally I had to insist that I felt uncomfortable with handing them my card for the entire day as it was also not necessary. After some exchange via headsets, I got my card back and very politely indeed. Uncharged.

I must assume there is a reason for such mistrust. People walking in without means to pay. Or else I do look like a Homeless Bohemian on holiday.

But it is quiet here: one of the few places in Canggu with no blaring music during the day. The sea is roaring up front: heavy surf crashing into black lava rocks scattered like huge lego bricks on the beach, or rolling onto the nearly black sand. The pool is turquoise and fresh and peaceful, and the lawn is barbered to perfection, especially around every round stepping stone. And the best thing is the cabanas: huge platform beds with a sun cover, fitting three people. And I have one just to myself. canggubeachclub-3Canggu, Bali, Indonesia; August 2018)

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