This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Park lunatics

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salzburg-18The Mirabell Palace is praised for its many beautiful things such as roses, the pegasus statue, the tropical indoor garden, and the palace itself. But who are these creepy people littered all around the woodland park? A batty lady with the longest neck and the emptiest eyes, holding her equally loony child?salzburg-17The two men at the entrance, desperately trying to reach each other (or run away from a living nightmare?) look like they have not had food for weeks.

And who is that obviously very nonchalant and very gay man taking up space in the middle of the park? He looks like he killed and skinned the lion hide over hus shoulders, all by himself. (And who is his beard barber? Those curls are to die for.)
salzburg-16(Salzburg, Austria; July 2019)

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