This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Winter runs in Vejle

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vejle-2The gorgeous forest trails around the house are all unlit at night (oh why? Same thing in Brande!). So on winter’s working days I resort to running a paved route which takes me to the top of Vejle. And the way down is steep. Christian Wintersvej is claimed to be the steepest road in Denmark. Unfortunately I have no photos but trust me, there is a descent so steep in this flat country that it requires the pedestrian section to be made as a looong stairway. While I choose to tackle this one downward it is nearly impossible to cover by running without knee pain at the bottom of the descent.

The way up on the other side of Jellingsvej is a killer, too. While it is less steep it just goes on forever. Fortunately the beautiful parkland and forest is a good distraction. As is the view from the top, over the city center and Vejle Fjord bridge. vejle-1(Vejle, Denmark; October 2019)

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