This blue marble

– and yet it spins



Cassandra-2Our world requires us to constantly know and to feel. It pushes us to question and to process. We must remember, analyze, and accept. Or resist, and act. Each moment we must take a stand, armed with thoughts, feelings, and information. But there are short parentheses where we simply Are, in that space beyond knowing and remembering, between feeling happy and feeling sad. These are the moments when we forget that we have a body in this world, and where things are much simpler.

Mostly this happens when we are in a deep, dreamless sleep. Or when we experience a deep meditative state. My four-legged Zen master knows how it can be done in a wake state. I am convinced I can do it, too, without growing fur and a tail.Cassandra(Helsinki, Finland; April 2016)

3 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Your little zen master should enter the icatcare cat nap photo competition 😀

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