This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Why not?

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Riviera-2A telltale sign of getting old is to get stuck on one place and return year after year. I confess, I have got stuck on coming to the Riviera. How could I ever wait for a whole year to return again? Impossible. I will not. Since I can work 1-2 days of a week from anywhere, it is not impossible to consider flying down for a long weekend to work on a patio with roses and pool instead of in the office.riviera-4My heart is whispering to me that to not have a place of one’s own down here during this lifetime is unthinkable. I am struggling not to listen, but talk to me again in 10 years from now and we will see who wins: my mind or my heart.

Perhaps it is not too bad to get old, after all. Until next time, Côte d’Azur.riviera-3(Juan-les-Pins and Nice, France; May 2016)

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