This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Italian Riviera in July? Why not!

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genoa-1“An underrated treasure”. “A gem worth discovering”. So begin many descriptions about the old port city Genoa, smack in the middle of the Italian Riviera. It was on a whim that we ended up here: having dinner and drinks one Sunday at my place, and on the phone with Finnair the next moment. The idea was to explore the Italian western Riviera, all the way to the French border. But how to get there, and cheaply?

It turned out that the best option was to book a return ticket to Milan (of all places!), with airmiles. The grand total ended up at 15 EUR per ticket. Because Genoa and the Ligurian coast is reachable by train from Milan, just a few hours away. genoa-2And what a gem it was! So much history, so many layers, and so much to see. Palazzos and churches and shops; an aquarium, an old port area, and the old city walls up on the hills.

We encountered very few non-Italian speaking fellow travelers on the streets. We ended up having to dust off our elementary Italian quite quickly. But there were streets lined with gorgeous marble palazzos. And other streets lined with colorful umbrellas. And back in July, there still was a tall bridge elevated up above the city, and the fatal collapse was an unforeseeable future.
genoa-4(Genoa, Italy; July 2018)

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