This blue marble

– and yet it spins

In Japan – for just an hour

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yasuragi-2Japanese green tea, a chaise longue, and a Japanese-inspired view: this is all I had time to experience at the Yasuragi Spa in the Stockholm archipelago. Not the tranquil pools, nor the hot water baths in an airy outdoors-like indoor space, nor the saunas, nor the shiatsu massage and the lovely healthy snacks. Because nobody briefed me of the meeting location until a week before, and I had already booked my flights in and out, the same day. Unlike everybody else in the team.

Oh well. It was my second visit to Yasuragi. I spent a good twenty minutes in the lovely spa shop, silently vowing to myself to come back for a weekend of bathing and dreaming I was miles away in Japan.yasuragi-1(Hässleholm, Sweden; October 2018)

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