This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Before the green is gone

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silkeborg-1Catching the last of the green before it is gone for the winter. And yes, there are forests in Denmark. Real ones, not just those plantations with one sort of trees planted in endless rows. silkeborg-6But (unfortunately) one must go looking for the natural forests. To Silkeborg, for example. silkeborg-7Oh, such a gorgeous backyard for the lucky people who live in Silkeborg. And how sad: this is what all of Denmark probably looked like before people got the bright idea to convert it into a flat, open-land agriculture nation.

This castle-hall pine tree forest below is definitely not in a natural state. But it is a plantation at its most beautiful (for the humans though, not the deer and smaller animals who have nowhere to hide). silkeborg-2(Silkeborg, Denmark; October 2018)

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