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The end of slow life, still in Copenhagen


Lovely ones, I survived my first week at the new job! What a major adjustment to have to go to the office at least 4 days a week, for the first time in nearly 10 years.

And what better way to treat oneself than to have brunch in the old town of Copenhagen with a friend who came all the way from Sweden to see me.

Biking to the office every day, and having brunch in Copenhagen on a Saturday: ten years ago when I was married in Finland and had just left my science career, I would never had imagined this to be a normal week in my life at the age of forty. But I guess “unpredictable” is also the very definition of life.

(Copenhagen, Denmark; August 2020)

3 thoughts on “The end of slow life, still in Copenhagen

  1. I also just changed job, and everything was great until we’re sent back home again this week.

    • Same here: sent home yesterday. I hope you can still find ways to keep the good momentum if your job is one that allows working from home. I personally discovered a deep love for remote work these past 2 years that I got to do it. I realize this is not an option for you maybe, and I wish you resilience. This too shall pass.

      • I’m still going to the office, mostly because it’s optional (to work from home) and that I have such little space to be able to work from home (not to mention ergonomic chairs and two computer screens). I’m mostly lamenting the lack of office dynamics at work :/ especially when one is new and wants to get to know other colleagues

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