This blue marble

– and yet it spins

Interlude: a few boughs of pink fluff

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Cherry blossoms are beautiful only for a week; then they rain down and make the ground beautiful for another few days. When nature is bare, and barely awake yet, Copenhagen is full of flowering trees. This year, the cherry tree walk at Bispebjerg cemetery was arranged as a fenced through-walk. Guards ensured that people moved on after snapping a few photos, instead of lingering and enjoying the moment underneath all that lovely pink fluff. Or so I heard, because I chose to stay away due to COVID and crowds. Instead, I brought a few boughs of that pink fluff home.

There is hope: hope for summer, and hope for another spring where we can, once again, choose any spot underneath pink billowing clouds, spread a picnic blanket, uncork a bottle of bubbly, and absorb sunlight, life force, and the loveliness of a spring day.

(Copenhagen, Denmark; April 2021)

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