This blue marble

– and yet it spins

In Santiago (de Compostela)

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galicia-35Next to Bologna, Santiago de Compostela has been another happy surprise this summer, stemming from absolutely no plans to visit, and therefore absolutely no expectations. The cute, maze-y little old town, the interesting surprises (fountains, ice cream parlors) behind every corner, and a lovely green park make spending a day or two in Santiago a pleasure.galicia-25And the food. Who knew. While I am on a nearly vegan diet at home, in Santiago I devoured mussels in all shapes and sizes, freshly made with garlic, butter, and herbs. And octopus. And fried green pimiento peppers. And cheeses. And wonderful Ribeiro region white wines.
galicia-22Santiago de Compostela is home only to some 100,000 inhabitants so it is walkable. And probably very liveable, as well. Twenty-four hours in this city was not quite enough and so this lovely place certainly goes on my “cities to return to” list.galicia-23(Santiago de Compostela, Spain; September 2019)

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