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bologna-8We did not really plan to visit Bologna. It was never on any bucket list of ours. We knew of Bologna, of course – because of bolognese sauce. Who wouldn’t?

We were supposed to combine Austrian Alps with Italian beaches. Well, it turned out that return flights from all airports around Northern Italy were only available at expensive, high-season prices: Venice, Ljubljana, even Pula. But Bologna could help us get home with airmiles only, and the train connection from Salzburg was convenient. Hence: a long weekend in Bologna.bologna-9It turns out Bologna is the perfect city to get lost in for a weekend – literally lost. No map needed. The maze of old Roman streets contains the most quaint and interesting discoveries. And it is nearly impossible to encounter bad food in the old town area. I cannot understand why Bologna is not better advertised as a city break destination.  bologna-10(Bologna, Italy; July 2019)

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